Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans

 Ethical Fashion Guatemala has Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans

But that may be about to change. Ethical Fashion Guatemala, a new website spearheaded by a couple of gringos named James Dillon and Kara Goebel who has been living in Guatemala for seven years and operating a local travel service, hopes to give the power back to the makers.

“The artisans have limited Internet access, but they follow the U.S. every day online,” explains Dillon. “They have no website development skills or even the cash to have a website of their own; no Paypal, no credit cards, and the Guatemalan postal service — the only means they did have to ship products — collapsed two years ago.”

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Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans

A few months later, you stumble across the bag you made selling online for nearly $300 on an American website that claims to be benefiting artisans like yourself. The website may feature a picture of yourself that you never gave the visiting tourist permission to take or use, or it may feature a picture of a weaver you’ve never met from another village.

It’s a maddening scenario, but unfortunately, one that’s extremely common for a group of skilled craftspeople whose work is in high demand on a global scale, but whose access and knowledge about how to create their own e-commerce avenues has been lacking.