Guatemala Roasted Coffee Shop

Support the coffee and cacao entrepreneurs in Guatemala by making purchases from the Ethical Fashion Guatemala website.

We are the source of genuine and morally responsible Guatemalan cocoa and coffee products.

NOT aid but trade.

The Guatemalan chapter of Ethical Fashion does not take donations.

We are a company that offers marketing services to the international coffee growers we represent.

Our coffee growers are able to ship anywhere in the world thanks to our DHL contracts thanks to our shipping services.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala exports coffee to 200 countries annually.

  • Our coffee producers freshly roast daily to meet the demand of our clients.
  • For shipments of roasted coffee to the US, we provide the FDA with prior notice documents.
  • For shipments of green coffee beans, we provide the FDA with prior notice and a sanitary certificate.
  • Our roasted coffee is offered in only five 12-ounce packages, which is the cheapest way to ship our products.
  • For larger quantities, we offer special pricing on weights of 70 to 1000 kilos in a single shipment worldwide.

Guatemala Roasted Coffee Shop 502 4467 9981

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