Chickpea Female Urination Device

The Chickpea Female Urination Device?

I wanted to write this post about this device because we know Katherine Bohn, a chance meeting a few years ago on a tour in Guatemala I met Kat and her Brother.

Over the years she struggled with every challenge a new product and idea may face. Ethical had a small part in trying to help make the first samples let’s call them.

Fast forward, if you are a hiker, camper outdoors type, or hate using dirty bathrooms this item does the trick. Kat is an amazing person and if you would not mind heading over to her website, you can learn more.

Chickpea Female Urination Device

The Chickpea Female Urination Device is a handheld, eco-friendly, “pee funnel”, that folds flat and compact to fit discreetly into your purse or pocket when it’s not in use. The Chickpea Urination device has a larger “liquid collection area” than competing brands which enables the user to worry less about accidental overflow or incorrect placement. The compatibility of Chickpea UD allows you to be plenty discreet! Stand and pee comfortably anywhere, no matter your anatomy.

Kat, Founder
Kat is an INFJ that loves kayak surfing, reggaeton, and helping others. Ambitious, personable, and genuine; at a very early age, Kat entered the workforce and began her dreams of entrepreneurship and seeing the world. Kat met her husband in Nicaragua on the same trip that she decided to begin the Chickpea brand. Kat hopes to use Chickpea as a vessel to, “do some good in the world.”


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