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Ethical Fashion Guatemala News provides the latest news on Ethical Fashion, about Weavers, Artisans, Painters, and Artists in Guatemala. Ethical Fashion Guatemala News provides readers with informative articles and reviews of Ethically sourced products.


The idea of Ethical Fashion came about four years ago when a group of Artisans decided to take control of the works they produced and to find a way to market the product they produced directly to the consumer.

In the past Artisans sold products from Lake Atitlan and the area mostly to Tourists who felt bartering was an appropriate form of negotiating a sale of an item. Thank you, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet for helping increase the poverty of Guatemala Artisans.

Today Ethical Fashion Guatemala Blog talks about the Highlands of Guatemala, Travel, News, Workshops offered, and related stories about how Fair Trade is not Fair and how most Non-Profits have failed to provide a sustainable means to support those in need in Guatemala.

The Artisans of Ethical Fashion Guatemala LLC have an e-commerce website for Guatemalan Artisans, — they are going after thousands of worldwide sellers who are either hawking fakes or just blatantly ripping off the Guatemalan artisans they buy from.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala LLC combats this by developing and maintaining relationships to provide a platform for sharing Artisan products direct to consumers at market price.

For example, the Ethical Fashion Guatemala LLC, Textile Co-Operatives follow the Ancient Maya tradition of weaving in which the women had three natural types of cotton to work with, one white, one dark brown, and the other light brown, called coruscate, both of which were commonly dyed.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala LLC provides tours, herbal workshops, Importing and Exporting services for producers under our DHL contract.

The Popol VuhEthical Fashion Guatemala

The Popol Vuh

Mayan Cacao Ceremony FactsEthical Fashion Guatemala

Mayan Cacao Ceremony Facts

Mayan Cacao Ceremony Facts. I felt there was a need to clarify what a Mayan Cacao Ceremony is, who should offer this event, and why individuals might enjoy the Ceremony. Traditionally, Mayan Cacao Ceremonies are guided by Mayan shamans. These individuals hold a deep understanding of Mayan culture, traditions, and the spiritual significance of cacao.
Boats on Lake AtitlanEthical Fashion Guatemala

Boats on Lake Atitlan

Boats, traditionally called lanchas, are the primary mode of transportation for navigating the lake and exploring its charming villages. Here's a comprehensive guide to boats on Lake Atitlan:
Mass Killing of MayansEthical Fashion Guatemala

Mass Killing of Mayans

Among other things, the commission revealed that over 200,000 people were killed or disappeared during the conflict and attributed 93% of the violations to state forces and related paramilitary groups.
Atitlan Tz'utujil Maya peopleEthical Fashion Guatemala

Atitlan Tz’utujil Maya people

Atitlan Tz'utujil Maya people San Juan La Laguna, on shores boasts a rich history and vibrant culture intertwined with the Tz'utujil Maya people who call it home.
Volcanoes Lake Atitlan GuatemalaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Volcanoes Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Volcanoes Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Lake Atitlan is truly a land of fire and water, surrounded by three majestic volcanoes: Atitlán, Tolimán, and San Pedro. These volcanic giants not only contribute to the stunning scenery but also hold a significant place in the local culture and history.
Surprising Facts about Lake AtitlanEthical Fashion Guatemala

Surprising Facts about Lake Atitlan

Surprising Facts about Lake Atitlan. No evidence Alexander von Humboldt ever called Lake Atitlan the "most beautiful lake in the world."
Semana Santa | Holy WeekEthical Fashion Guatemala

Semana Santa | Holy Week

Semana Santa | Holy Week changes dates every year, as it is based on the lunar calendar. In 2024, Easter falls on Sunday, March 31.
Mandala’s Hostal Lake AtitlanMandala’s Hostal Lake Atitlan

Mandala’s Hostal Lake Atitlan

Mandala's Hostal Lake Atitlan provides one-of-a-kind possibilities that are rarely available in San Pedro La Laguna lakeside hostels. Mandala's Hostal, in my opinion, is a different hostel than most. Here are some details regarding this hostel.
Atitlan Boat Services 2024Ethical Fashion Guatemala

Atitlan Boat Services 2024

Atitlan Boat Services 2024: Travelers usually inquire about boat schedules, pricing, and times on Lake Atitlan. Some even inquire about ferries because, for some reason, dock locations are listed on Google Maps. What time do the boats depart Lake Atitlan?
Lake Atitlan Dog RescueEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Dog Rescue

Lake Atitlan Dog Rescue. Sonja, who had previously volunteered at a dog rescue in the village. Guatemala, we have a lot of street dogs.
Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes

Shop Ethical Fashion Guatemala

Shop on the Ethical Fashion Guatemala site and support Guatemalan Artisans. We are the true shop of Authentic and Ethical Guatemala Products.
Lake Atitlan Weaving SchoolEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Weaving School

Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshops in San Juan La Laguna and San Pedro La Laguna. Weaving workshops are by Lema Weaving Co-operative.
After COVID 19Ethical Fashion Guatemala

After COVID-19

How did Guatemala deal with COVID-19? I had COVID-19 twice. I was fortunate that, for my age, it was like a serious cold. The words below, I feel, are relevant to how I made it and why. Nothing about politics or conspiracy theories.
Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes

Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes

Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes takes you on a walk through San Juan La Laguna, located in the Highlands of Guatemala, is like taking a step back in time — centuries of tradition and a relaxed lifestyle, framed by beautiful mountains with three looming volcanoes, a stunning lake, and striking green vegetation engulfed in colorful tropical flowers.