Gifiti Herbal Medicine For Love

Gifiti Herbal Medicine For Love, while many travelers do not make it to Livingston Guatemala, you are missing out on a cultural experience of the Garifuna of Livingston Guatemala.

Gifiti Herbal Medicine For Love. Gifiti or guiffity is a prepared drink created by the Garifuna ethnic group of Livingston Guatemala.

Its name comes from the Garifuna language meaning bitter.

It was created for medicinal purposes by Guatemalan and Honduran people of African descent but is also attributed to aphrodisiac, restorative, and digestive properties, among others.’

Its ingredients include herbs such as chamomile, pericon, anise, fat pepper, smell nails, and man’s sticks, among others. In addition, it consists only of its 7-story base, it can include up to 38 different types of roots, leaves, branches, flowers, and seeds.

Gifiti is said to contain faculties to heal discomfort, such as enhancing libido in men. It has been used as a preventive medicine to treat fevers, stress, and even menstrual pains and back pains.

It is even said to provide longer and healthier lives for its consumers. It is advisable not to have more than 3 small drinks a day so as not to abuse it and cause an intoxication.

Gifiti Herbal Medicine For Love

Gufiti, also spelled “gifiti”, “giffidy”, or “geffidee”, is indeed a rum-based bitter traditionally made by the Garifuna people of the Caribbean coast of Central America, particularly in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Nicaragua.

It’s made by soaking various roots and herbs in rum, often for extended periods, resulting in a potent and flavorful drink. The specific ingredients used can vary greatly, with some recipes including up to 40 different botanicals!

These can include:

Achiote seeds
Bitter orange peels
Cinchona bark (also known as quinine bark)
Sarsaparilla root
And many more

The resulting drink is typically quite bitter, as its name suggests (“gifiti” translates to “bitter” in Garifuna), and is often consumed in small shots. It’s traditionally used medicinally, with different compositions for men and women, but is also consumed recreationally for its unique flavor and cultural significance.

It’s important to note that due to the potential presence of certain herbs and the alcoholic content, it’s crucial to consume Gufiti responsibly and in moderation and to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming it if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.