Guatemala Handmade Cotton Yarns are unique in every way. Cotton is locally grown, white and brown cotton is used. The dies are all-natural, and once set the Yarn, or Fabric produced will not run and fade over time, like machine-produced Yarns.

We provide Custom Yarns direct from the Artisan Weavers of Guatemala.

To order or inquire please contact us by e-mail.

If you would like to order spools of Lake Atitlan Guatemala Hand Made Yarns from us please send us an e-mail with detailed information on the Color and the planned use of the Yarn and we will supply a quote and time to produce the Yarn. All products are hand made and thus 2 weeks lead time is required.

Guatemala Handmade Cotton Yarns

The weaving in San Juan La Laguna is also different than the weavings, fabrics, and yarns found throughout Guatemala. In San Juan, the weavers use natural dyeing techniques that have been passed down through the generation.  Their natural dyeing techniques include using pepper, achiote, coconut shells, tree bark, and many other natural products.  The colors turn out in softer hues.

Guatemala Handmade Cotton Yarns

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Hand Made Cotton Yarns

We support the Weaving Co-Operatives of the Village of San Juan and other Villages around Lake Atitlan Guatemala. We also support Trading in a means that maximizes the profits for the woman of the Co-Ops by providing an on-lines means for awareness of the Hand Made Yarns they produce and to empower the woman to have an online business.

Lake Atitlan Textiles Workshop explores the weaving traditions found in San Juan La Laguna located along the shoreline of Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

As a participant, you will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of one of the oldest forms of artistic expression by working and learning directly from the Tz’utujil women of San Juan.

You will learn how they grow their own cotton, harvest it by hand, spin it using ancient techniques, and then use natural dyes and colorants derived from locally found plants, trees, bark, berries, leaves, roots, wood, and insects in the Lake Atitlan area.