Guatemalan Textile Producers

Guatemalan Textile Producers

Guatemala Apparel, Fashion Designs, and Textile Producers will double Textile export growth this year amid surging US orders and investment to boost synthetic yarn production. The demise of a free-trade agreement between the United States and several Asian countries is breathing new life into Guatemalan apparel adding new growth to the Guatemalan textile manufacturers.

Guatemalan textile manufacturers

Guatemala has two distinctively different forms of Textile Manufacturers

Guatemala has two distinctively different forms of Textile Manufacturers. Machine-made computerized apparel production is booming in Guatemala. The growth of Synthetic Yarn production, close to the US and Canadian Markets.

Guatemalan Textile Producers Textiles: $700 million in New Trade Projected

In an industry fair held in May in Guatemala, organizers expected to generate around $700 million in trade deals. The Apparel Sourcing Show is held in Guatemala.

The Guatemalan Textile Producers industry is a generator of immediate and formal employment including service companies, all of them working side by side in Guatemala.

Guatemalan textile manufacturers

Mayan Textile Manufacturers

Mayan Textile Manufacturers are also enjoying record growth in the area of exports. Ethical Fashion Guatemala continues to lead the Industry as the Ethical Fashion Brand and Guatemala Textile Sourcing leader, Ethical Fashion Guatemala has opened up world markets for Guatemalan Textile Producers Exports.

Guatemalan textile manufacturers

Ethical Fashion Line in Guatemala Helps Empower Female Mayan Artisans

Mayan Textile Manufacturers have been exploited, falsely represented and the illegal sale of Artisan products remains a problem that has worked to end. Ethical Fashion Guatemala is a legal entity operating with the Guatemala Laws. Which includes the contracts for Importing and Exporting and collection of Sales Taxes where applicable.

The Illegal sales of Mayan Textiles that most do not see. You come across a website, a story of how this pretty lady is working with and supporting Mayan Textile producers.

You place an order on-line. In a few weeks, your product arrives. So what is Illegal about this? Your product was smuggled out of Guatemala in a suitcase.

Many websites selling Guatemala products do not have export permits and in some cases are a few people trying to sell stuff because they can put up a website. These site owners feel they are legal business entities.

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