Guatemala's Internet Services

The quality of Guatemala’s Internet Services is a question often asked by Digital Nomads and travelers planning to spend a few months and work on Line.

Every day, I work online from Lake Atitlan and must be always connected. Whats App, website editing, and social media publishing. Local internet providers, rental houses, restaurants, and pubs, for the most part, provide dependable internet access.

The quality of internet services in Guatemala, like in many countries, can vary depending on the location and the specific internet service provider. For digital nomads and remote workers planning to spend an extended period in Guatemala, it’s crucial to consider a few factors:

  1. Urban vs. Rural Areas: In major urban centers and tourist destinations, you are more likely to find reliable and high-speed internet services. In contrast, in rural or more remote areas, the infrastructure might be less developed, and internet speeds could be slower.
  2. Major ISPs: Tigo, Claro, and Movistar are among the major ISPs in Guatemala. Research the coverage and reviews of these providers in the specific area where you plan to stay.
  3. Speed and Reliability: Check the speed and reliability of the internet services offered in the area. Some ISPs may offer higher speeds in certain locations, so inquire about the available plans and their performance.
  4. Digital Nomad Communities: Connect with digital nomad communities or forums where individuals share their experiences and recommendations regarding internet services in Guatemala. Websites like Nomad List or various Facebook groups might have relevant information.
  5. Accommodation: If you already have a place to stay, contact the accommodation provider and inquire about the quality of their internet connection. Many hotels, hostels, and rental properties cater to digital nomads and may offer reliable internet services.
  6. Local SIM Cards: Consider getting a local SIM card for your mobile device, as this can serve as a backup or alternative for internet connectivity. Mobile data networks in urban areas are often reasonably fast.
  7. Coworking Spaces: In some urban areas, you may find coworking spaces that offer dedicated and reliable internet services. These spaces are designed to meet the needs of remote workers.
Guatemala's Internet Services

Guatemala’s Internet Services

I have a Guatemala SmartPhone and travelers can add a chip or buy a cheap phone. For Q100 a month or $12.76, I connect my phone to my computer and I have high-speed Internet,

Guatemala does not have ultra-fast connectivity, however, the internet services in Guatemala have an average connection, being in a list of countries with more than acceptable speeds.

It is not one of the fastest internet in the world, but it is not the slowest either. You will not have many connection problems.