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    Guatemalan Leather Bags produced by the Artisans of Guatemala are handmade and in some cases take a week to produce.

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Handmade Leather from San Juan La Laguna Guatemala

Guatemalan Leather Bags by Nicholas Pop of San Juan La Laguna is devoted to keeping the art of leather crafting alive.

Nicolas explores the boundaries of Leather by his imagination of custom designing, from the highest quality leather, a wide variety of handbags, tote bags, shoes, belts, backpacks, wallets, knife holders, and many other items for the past 15 years.

Guatemala Handmade Leather Bag
Handcrafted Leather Cross Body Bag
Ethical Fashion Guatemala

Buy Direct From Guatemalan Artisan Pablo Marroquin

Handmade Guatemalan Leather Bags | Huipil Bags | Totes | Weekender Bag

Guatemalan Leather Bags | Huipil Bags | Totes | Weekender Bags on-line selling from $220 up to as high as $430 dollars.

Pablo like most Guatemalan Artisans shares in very little of these profits from websites making claims of supporting Guatemalan Artisans, claims of Fair Trade and Transparency are misrepresented on most site.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala offers these Handmade Guatemalan Leather Bags for $210.00 which includes shipping to the US and Canada by DHL.

Most bags take about a week from the time of ordering to the date the bag will be shipped. We also provide custom orders based on designs provided by the cleint.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides the credit card processing and shipping required for Pablo to compete with websites selling like bags for great profits on line.

Colorful Backpack for Your Children
Colorful Backpack for Your Children
Custom Handmade Backpacks
Mayan Textile Luggage Bag
Custom Handmade Backpacks

Lema Weaving Association San Juan La Laguna

Lema Weaving Association San Juan La Laguna is a cooperative that was started to improve economic conditions and the quality of life for women in the community of San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlan. It has played a vital role in enhancing the community and the economic wellbeing of the members.

Lema’ Weaving Association represents 15 Tz’utujil families who have joined to produce unique and culturally reflective weaved items. Each member learned the craft of traditional weaving from their mothers and grandmothers.

Rosa products cotton bags of all kinds shapes and color. Rosa also provides weaving workshops for Ethical Fashion Guatemala.

Guatemala Handmade Shoulder Bag
Guatemala Diaper Bags
Guatemala Diaper Bags

This Website is owned by the Artisans of Guatemala.

This service is important for the future of Guatemalan Artisans and the Mayan Culture so that actual, local artists and designers can sell their work worldwide.

All Leather Bags | Huipil Bags | Totes | Weekender Bag are handmade taking up to a week to produce from the time you order.

We offer custom design services.

The examples provided do not represent all the Handmade Guatemalan Leather Bags | Huipil Bags | Totes | Weekender Bag our Artisans create.

Wholesale Inquiries, you need to have a brick and mortar store or an existing website. If you are starting a new business we welcome the opportunity to provide advice and suggestions. 

All products are shipped by DHL, 4 day delivery to the US and Canada, 5 days to Europe, and 6 days to Asia.


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