Long Covid Takes Many Shapes and Forms, I am not writing this post to complain, or voice political opinions, only to share with others as we move on with our afterlives.

Long Covid Takes Many Shapes and Forms

Our AFTERLIVES is just that, dealing with and trying to find our way back to where once were, Physically and Mentally.

The ringing in your ears or hearing your heart bounding makes sleep almost impossible.

Your Brain is lost at times, names you know well are lost someplace, they come back from time to time.

I did not want to take meds of any kind, I was afraid of mixing combinations to cover the symptoms.

Long Covid Takes Many Shapes and Forms. Your body aches for no reason, and the pain changes daily, throughout your body, you have vertigo when you never had it before.

Nothing is medically offered to ease the confusion and pain you feel each day. You keep moving, your only choice.

I have a great doctor who explained there is nothing he can do.

There are I am sure millions suffering around the world.

After reading medical reviews and reports about this something, no medical source even calls a medical or scientific term like Brain Fog.

I thought I would write a post and see if others might have ideas or suggestions we might share?

I realize this is a risk, but with the feeling of others’ voices caused by this, I felt it was worth a try?

For almost two years I have wanted to share my feeling, not for sympathy, my need for that has long passed. I have friends far worse than me.

I am fine working hard to recover.