Being an Ethical Brand insures that a consumer means buying products which were ethically produced and/or which are not harmful to the environment and society. … For this reason, ethical consumers are encouraged to buy products which were produced locally.

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  • Autonomy. To respect the rights of clients to be self-governing within their social and cultural framework.
  • Nonmaleficence. To do no harm to others.
  • Beneficence. To do good to others; to promote the well-being of clients.
  • Justice. …
  • Fidelity. …
  • Veracity.

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Ethical Brand

Supporting Guatemala Artisans Shop an Ethical Brand

Supporting Guatemala Artisans Shop an Ethical Brand. Ethical Fashion Guatemala is an Ethical Brand recognized worldwide for Fair Trade practices of representing Guatemalan Artisan for the purpose of Textile Sourcing, Ceramics, Leather Products, Coffee and Tours which introduces Wholesale buyers and designers direct to the producers.
Empowering Guatemala Women ArtisansEthical Fashion Guatemala

Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans

Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans. Imagine you’re a weaver in Guatemala. You labor intensely over a product — let’s say a bag featuring textiles unique to your heritage — and sell it to an American tourist for $35
Guatemala Vintage HuipilEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemalan Huipiles

Ethical Fashion Guatemala offers rare authenticated Huipils, providing documentation on the family and the village the Huipils came from.