Exporting Guatemala Coffee by Ethical Fashion Guatemala Exporting services has opened Guatemala Coffee Producers to Global Markets, increasing the income for growers by 200%.

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Coffee Beans

Exporting Guatemala Green Coffee Beans Changed in 2022

Guatemala Green Coffee Bean Exporting Changed in 2021. Guatemala Green and Roasted Coffee Beans for decades have been a process of Coffee Shops and Roasters in the United States obtaining coffee through Coffee Brokers, Fair Trade Orgs, Agents and Middlemen sold under contracts or spot pricing.
Top of the Lake Coffee Roasters

For the Greater Good Top of the Lake Coffee Roasters

Brent Bromstrup owns and manages Top of the Lake Coffee Roasters based in Windsor Colorado. Brent gives back to Guatemala Coffee Growers in the highlands of Guatemala, through a strategy he calls the“Greater Good.” Guatemala has many organizations offering help to local communities; Brent has created something uniquely different. Ethical Fashion Guatemala has worked with Brent for a number of years I would like to share our experiences with working with Top of the Lake Coffee.