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Mayan Fashion in GuatemalaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Mayan Fashion in Guatemala

Mayan Fashion in Guatemala, The Artisans of Ethical Fashion Guatemala produce hundreds of types and styles of products. Including Premium Guatemala Coffee.
Empowering Guatemala Women ArtisansEthical Fashion Guatemala

Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans

Empowering Guatemala Women Artisans. Imagine you’re a weaver in Guatemala. You labor intensely over a product — let’s say a bag featuring textiles unique to your heritage — and sell it to an American tourist for $35
Living off the gridEthical Fashion Guatemala

Living off the grid

Living off the grid means relying entirely on your own resources for energy, water, and other basic necessities without being connected to public utilities. While it is possible to live off the grid in a variety of ways, there are several basic needs that must be met to live entirely off the grid
Covid-19 Order 500 Medical MasksEthical Fashion Arizona

Lake Atitlan Artisans Ship 1000 Medical Masks to Arizona.

Lake Atitlan Artisans Ship 1000 Medical Masks to Arizona. Ethical Fashion Guatemala would like to thank the Anonymous donor who purchased 1000 handmade medical masks distributed free to those in need in Arizona. The Masks donated to organizations in desperate need of help during this time of crisis-free.

Tag Archive for: Lake Atitlan Artisans

Ethical Fashion Guatemala BlogEthical Fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Blog

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Blog provides the latest news covering Ethical Fashion in Guatemala, United States, Canada, Europe and Asia