Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping . For some women, shopping is a food group. Take heart, the lusty consumer can pretty well knock herself out here in Fashion Shopping Antigua Guatemala for local Guatemalan Artisans products.

However, once you get over the dazzle of all the traditional weaving, jade jewelry, carvings, baskets, etc. that seem to be on offer at every corner, you might still have some energy and Quetzales left for more conventional clothing purchases.

Though most of the well turned out ladies in Antigua Guatemala do their shopping in nearby Guatemala City, there are still a few good boutiques in town to satisfy the gringa visitor who just didn’t pack the right things, which would be all of us.  Or for the woman who just likes to buy clothes wherever she goes, which would be all of us.

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

The following is a review of three stores in Antigua Guatemala that offer the intrepid shopaholic a outlet for her personal mania.

Algodones Mays S.A., 3a Calle Oriente, across from the Santo Domingo Hotel

Located just outside the walls of the Santo Domingo Hotel, this store provides a selection of natural cotton items that distinguish themselves from the regular fray in a number of ways.  First, of all, the colors are natural and no dyes interfere with the inherent wheat, barley and tan and chocolate colors found in unadulterated cotton shades.

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

The cut of the clothes seems to favor the larger silhouette, so if you’re used to taking a medium you’ll be delighted that their small size fits great. There are lovely shirts for men as well.  This is a good place to pick up a warm cardigan, matching skirt, scarf or shawl, which you will need during most nights since Antigua Guatemala weather is a balmy 75 F during the day and often dipping down into the low 50’s F once the sun goes down.

Algodones will also fit you out with house wares such as runners, placemats, table clothes etc, all of which have the look of fine linen.  Prices are not reasonable on the Guatemala scale, but anyone coming in from Europe or North America will find the quality versus price a steal.

Algodones Mayas, and Wayil, are proud to offer our customers an elegant and unique product from the land of the Mayans.

Adolfo Dominguez Outlet, 3a Calle Oriente #22A

Also located down the street from the Santo Domingo Hotel is small Adolfo Dominguez outlet, with the store mainly given over to the tastes of the under 30 crowd. As many of you will know this is a Madrid-based ready-to-wear world franchise company.  Along with cocktail and prom dresses, there’s a good selection of informal wear that can be worn in the afternoon and then dressed up a bit for dining and partying in the evening.

I was tempted by the almost seersucker, sky blue skirts that dominated the left hand racks and called to her during her visit. There’s also a selection of reasonably priced shoes under the same label. Though lovely strappy sandals dominate the selection, I do not recommend them for promenades on the lumpy streets and cobblestone roads in Antigua Guatemala.

Prices here are more than reasonable if you are using an European or North American scale.

N.edition boutique, something 4a Calle Oriente, half a block north of the Parque Central

This is a very small boutique with a slim but good quality selection of free spirited unstructured clothing, almost all of which is made from Italian fabrics that use a blend of cotton and lycra.  Though there are only two racks of clothes, which use a lot of white space between the hangers, there is something here for most women.

For example, there are drapey hip-length light sweaters for the woman who knows how to underplay her deficits and highlight her best features.  As well, there are bolder and slightly translucent numbers for women who buy a lot of shear wear and aren’t afraid to use it.

Prices are very reasonable, again if you are using a North American or European calculator.  Of all the clothing stores, visited by us in Antigua Guatemala, staff here are the most simpatico and helpful.

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping will amaze you with the styles and vibrant color of products offered through these retail outlets in Antigua.

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