Atitlan Boat Services 2024

Atitlan Boat Services 2024: Travelers usually inquire about boat schedules, pricing, and times on Lake Atitlan. Some even inquire about ferries because, for some reason, dock locations are listed on Google Maps.

What time do the boats depart Lake Atitlan?
Boat services begin around 7:00 a.m., and the final boat departs Panajachel around 7:00 p.m. The last ferry leaves San Pedro at 5:00 p.m. Boats depart around every 20 to 30 minutes.

Most settlements around Lake Atitlán offer private lanchas or boats to almost any other lake destination.

Panajachel is the main village on Lake Atitlan that all guests arrive through and to reach the other villages this is your starting point.

Atitlan Boat Services 2024 Prices Updated  Per Village from Panajachel

  • Panajachel to/from Santa Cruz/Jaibalito – Q10
    Panajachel /from San Marcos/San Pablo/San Juan/San Pedro – Q25
    Panajachel to/from Santiago Atitlan – Q25
    San Marcos to/from Santa Cruz – Q10
    San Pedro to/from Santa Cruz – Q20
    San Pedro to/from San Marcos – Q10
  • San Juan to Panajachel – Q25
Atitlan Boat Services 2024

Most travelers are having difficulty finding boats. Panajachel’s main dock serves as the lake’s primary boat dock.

However, if you want to visit Santiago or Tolimán, there are only a few boat times available.

If you wish to go to Santa Catarina Palopo or San Antonio on the Panajachel side of the lake, a Tuk Tuk is your best option.

Atitlan Boat Services 2024

Late arrivals and those who want to spend a day touring the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan can take advantage of private boat services.

Boats hold 25 people, are safe, have life jackets, and the captains are experienced in offering services on Lake Atitlan.

From Panajachel, the main villages providing daily boat service are the following:

  • Santa Cruz
  • Jaibalito
  • Tz’utujil
  • San Marcos La Laguna
  • San Pablo La Laguna
  • San Juan La Laguna
  • San Pedro La Laguna

Lake Atitlan has a 56-kilometer perimeter. No, you cannot drive around Lake Atitlan; some settlements have no road access and must be reached by boat.

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