Guatemala Ceramics Store | San Antonio Palopo | Lake Atitlan

Guatemala Ceramics Store | San Antonio Palopo | Lake Atitlan

Ceramics and Pottery offered from the Village of San Antonio Palopo Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Maya ceramics are ceramics produced in the Pre-Columbian Maya culture of Mesoamerica. The vessels used different shapes, colors, sizes, and had varied purposes. Vessels for the elite could be painted with very detailed scenes, while utilitarian vessels were undecorated or much simpler. Elite pottery, usually in the form of straight-sided beakers called “vases”, used for drinking chocolate, was placed in burials, giving a number of survivals in good condition. Individual examples include the Princeton Vase and the Fenton Vase.

The Maya were a diverse people whose culture has developed through the centuries. As they developed, so did their pottery. Archaeologists have found stages of commonality between types of ceramics, and these phases coincide with the Mayan timeline.

These are Mayan ceramic replicas.

There’s is a law in Guatemala that forbids taking handicrafts and replicas out of the country without first having the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes certify that the piece or pieces do not belong the cultural patrimony of Guatemala.

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Guatemala Ceramics Store | San Antonio Palopo | Lake Atitlan

What makes this area so special for creating pottery and Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store has the varied types of rocks, sand and the volcanic activity that have combined over the centuries to produce a clay that is perfect for making high quality ceramics.  In fact, this source of great clay is exactly what brought the legendary potter Ken Edwards to Guatemala in the 1990s where he established a ceramic studio.

Edwards taught the locals modern techniques which they then combined with ancient pottery influences to produce the world renowned San Antonio Palopó pottery and ceramics that you see today.

You will find Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store is Nestled along the eastern shore of Lake Atitlan is the Cakchiquel Maya village of San Antonio Palopó offering spectacular views of Lake Atitlan.  This small unspoiled picturesque village is known for its indigenous style of clothing (traje) and for producing the finest pottery and ceramics in Guatemala.

San Antonio Palopo Lake Atitlan Ceramics Store offers pottery and ceramics that are created in San Antonio Palopó incorporates hand-painted unique indigenous designs in a range of colors and motifs that showcase the indigenous culture, themes, and motifs in a vibrant style.

We are located 1/2 mile from the Village of Santa Catarina Palopó

Santa Catarina Palopó is a municipality in the Sololá department of Guatemala. The municipality is located on the shores of Lake Atitlán, approximately 3 miles South-Southeast of Panajachel, a popular tourist destination.


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