Ethical Fashion Guatemala Chocolate Workshops

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Chocolate Workshops bis one of the sweetest Workshop experiences that Lake Atitlan has to offer, discovering the ancient secrets of chocolate at Licor Marrón Chocolate.

Chocolate has a rich history in Guatemala, with the Mayans worshiping the cacao tree calling chocolate the “food of the gods.”

Made from the seeds of the cacao tree, chocolate has been used as currency, cherished in drinks for health and vitality, and in pastries and desserts.

Guatemalan Workshops Chocolate & Classes

This is a fun workshop for the entire family.

This is a great Guatemala Workshops Chocolate Tour for the whole family. Learn about the history, culture, and traditions of chocolate as you spend an unforgettable morning indulging yourself in this 3-hour hands-on workshop of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate followed by an unforgettable afternoon exploring the artisan village of San Juan La Laguana.

Ana Navichoc and her nephew Edsha share their passion for the art of chocolate and guide us through the process of making our own delicious Maya chocolate from bean-to-bar using heirloom stone tools.

During this 3-hour hands-on workshop your eyes, hands and sense of smell will be fully engaged while you roast the cacao beans, peel them, and then stone-grind the beans by hand just like the ancient Maya did.

Using the cacao paste you will infuse the chocolate with it a few simple ingredients of sugar cane molasses, herbs, nuts, and fruit to create incredible delights for your taste buds.

At the end of the workshop you will leave with your creation.

Licor Marrón Chocolate is a Maya-owned chocolate shop that specializes in traditionally made organic chocolate that is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

The second half of the Guatemalan Workshops Chocolate Tour includes exploring the village of San Juan La Laguna, visiting and meeting the local artisans, indigenous indoor/outdoor markets, cemetery, church, and medicinal garden.

San Juan is known for their women’s weaving cooperatives where they make their own pure organic cotton thread and the use of natural dyes, backstrap weaving, and their painting artisans.  We will learn how they grow their own cotton, harvest it by hand, spin it using ancient techniques, and then use natural dyes and colorants derived from locally found plants, tree, bark, berries, leaves, roots, wood, and insects in the Lake Atitlan area.

Some of the artisans that we meet with are Feliciano, an 89-year old Tz’utujil sculpture.  He is a past mayor of San Pedro, an incredible sculpture, and has lived through the civil war.

Antonio Vásquez Yojcóm a talented painter who was born and raised in San Juan La Laguna.  After having studied with the famous artist Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay, Antonio began working on his own and eventually opened his own studio where he has taught his wife and children how to paint.

We will also visit the home studio of the Nicholas Pop is a self-taught leather craftsman who was born and raised in San Juan La Laguna.  We will visit his home studio.  For the past 15 years, Nicolas has been custom designing, from the highest quality leather, a wide variety of handbags, tote bags, shoes, belts, backpacks, wallets, knife holders, and many other items.  His work/studio has a reputation for quality, value, and attention to detail.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Chocolate Workshops

Guatemalan Workshops Chocolate

DURATION: 7-8 hours

LOCATION: San Juan La Lagunan

PRICE: $150 (Q1150) – 1 person (private tour) / $100 (Q750) per person – 2 or more people

TOUR INCLUDES: Maya Chocolate workshop instruction, traditional tipico lunch and beverage (does not include alcohol), transportation, and guide/interpreter.



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