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For a Guatemalan to obtain a Travel Visa to the USA, Impossible!

For a Guatemalan to obtain a Travel Visa to the USA, Impossible!. Each year the stories of how Guatemalans seeking Travel Visas and in most cases Mayan Woman are treated by the United States Embassy in Guatemala City, the process should be questioned? Or lack of.

Recently we have been helping a Weaver to obtain a Travel Visa, for the purpose of her speaking about Guatemala, her Mayan Culture and the Traditional Products her Co-Op produces at an event in the US.

After her 4th attempt in person at the United States Embassy in Guatemala City, she was finally told today “she did not have enough ties to Guatemala”. Understand that each application attempt has costs of $150.00, she has invested or paid fees to the United States Embassy in Guatemala City of over $600.00. Not including her 4 trips to Guatemala City.

This document I have attached from the United States Embassy in Guatemala City is all that was provided to explain why she did not qualify. Same piece of Paper on all 4 trips.

Not Enough Ties to Guatemala to assure her return.

She owns 2 profitable businesses, married with a lovely daughter, Bank Accounts, Guatemala Passport, Clean Police report (required to Apply), and a letter signed and notarized by the Organization guaranteeing her return to Guatemala after the event. All expenses paid by the Organization. Ever box on her Visa application was filled out correctly and she 100% qualified and provided all supporting documents required in the Language and format required to apply for a Visa.

Am I just an angry voice? NO, this happens every single day to Guatemalans that Apply for a Travel Visa. Only recently has the United States Embassy in Guatemala City put a cover over the area where applicants must sit outside waiting to be called, only to be rejected. Prior to this cover, Guatemalans sat in the heat and during rainy season had to find other shelter.

Once called in for what is called an Interview, which there is no Interview at all? You sit in front of a person that does nothing, no questions or even advise, you are handed the document I have attached starting with Dear Applicant. At least it is in English and Spanish.  The last Paragraph of this document explains the process of starting over and paying the fees.

For a Guatemalan to obtain a Travel Visa to the USA Impossible!
I understand that many Guatemalans may not qualify for a Travel Visa. Cost is one, obtaining or having all the needed types of documents is another. For many the lack of understanding the process. In this case she was perfect. Featured in US media about her Weaving Co-Op.

Do Guatemalans have trouble applying for a Travel Visa to Canada, NO, England NO and many other countries around the world.

Perhaps those of you reading this post might offer some help? Or at least share this on your Social Media.  Thank you.

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    • admin1!ethicalfashionguatemala
      admin1!ethicalfashionguatemala says:

      She owns 2 Bushiness, owns her own home, has banking references, police report as required, proof of income, married, has a daughter, valid passport and a US Organization well established 501 (3c) that guaranteed her return in a legal document. At the Embassy they never looked at anything, took 30 seconds, walk up and handed the same piece of paper each time before.

  1. Juan Gabriel
    Juan Gabriel says:

    Very accurate article, the employees a the embassy are arrogant at best. They treat applicants with respect at, I am sure the funds collected are allocated to the embassy’s Christmas party fund…..


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