Guatemala Hand Crafted Products. As adjectives the difference between handcrafted and handmade. is that handcrafted is made by hand or using the hands, as opposed to mass production or using machinery while handmade is manufactured by hand.

Ethical resourcing refers to practices that include promoting diversity by intentionally buying from small firms, ethnic minority businesses, and women-owned enterprises.

Ethical Fashion and Fair Trade,  Hand Crafted Products From Guatemala sadly overused terms to trap consumers. No monitoring of Fair Trade groups, NGOs, and 501’s have taken advantage of Artisans worldwide.

Guatemala Hand Crafted Products

Guatemala Handcrafted Products

Ask before you make a purchase from any Ethical Fashion or Fair Trade site these single couple of questions about Ethically Sourced Products.

Of this $300 Leather bag I am purchasing, how much is the Artisan Paid?

Can I reach the Artisan and chat with him or her on Facebook?

The words and terms below did not exist on many websites in Guatemala until Ethical Fashion Guatemala was featured for their work of protecting Guatemala Artisan’s Designs.

Guatemala is known for its vibrant and diverse handcrafted products, which reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage and skilled artisan traditions. The craftsmanship and attention to detail make Guatemalan handcrafted products highly sought-after by travelers and collectors. Here are some popular handcrafted products from Guatemala:

  1. Textiles: Guatemalan textiles are renowned for their intricate designs and bright colors. The traditional backstrap weaving technique is still used by many indigenous Mayan women to create beautiful huipils (blouses), cortes (skirts), and other garments. These textiles often incorporate traditional patterns and symbols that represent the wearer’s community and identity.
  2. Pottery: Guatemalan pottery comes in various forms, including utilitarian vessels, decorative pieces, and ceramic figurines. Many artisans use age-old techniques and natural clay to create unique and culturally significant pottery.
  3. Woodcarvings: The art of woodcarving is prevalent in Guatemala, with artisans creating intricate masks, figurines, and decorative pieces. The wooden masks are often used in traditional dance performances and celebrations.
  4. Silver Jewelry: Guatemalan silversmiths produce exquisite jewelry pieces using sterling silver. Their designs often incorporate Mayan symbols and natural elements, making them both beautiful and culturally meaningful.
  5. Beaded Jewelry: Guatemalan artisans are skilled in creating stunning beaded jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. These pieces feature intricate beadwork and are inspired by traditional Mayan patterns.
  6. Leather Goods: Guatemala produces high-quality leather goods, including belts, bags, wallets, and shoes. Leatherworking techniques have been passed down through generations, resulting in finely crafted products.
  7. Hammocks: Handwoven hammocks are popular in Guatemala, providing comfort and relaxation for both locals and tourists. They come in various sizes and designs, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  8. Recycled Materials Crafts: Some artisans in Guatemala use recycled materials to create unique and eco-friendly crafts, such as bags made from repurposed fabrics and accessories made from recycled soda can tabs.

These handcrafted products are often available in local markets, artisan workshops, and specialty stores throughout Guatemala. Purchasing these items not only supports the local economy and artisans but also allows you to take home a piece of Guatemalan culture and craftsmanship. When buying handcrafted products, look for authenticity and inquire about the artisan’s techniques and cultural significance behind the pieces you choose.



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Internet Services Lake Atitlan for travelers, those working remotely can be a challenge to find reliable Internet and WiFi, I offer my way.
Ethical Fashion GuatemalaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Supporting Artisan Women in Central America

Supporting Artisan Women, Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textile Sourcing Guatemala is the single source for a wide range of handmade products.