Guatemala is Safe For Tourists 2022?

Embassy Websites, taking the US and or Canadian Embassy, for example, will warn Tourists about traveling to Guatemala is very dangerous. I feel those posting negative information for an Embassy should actually travel to Guatemala prior to posting warnings.

When you compare a normal weekend in the US for comparison purposes.

I agree a few areas of Guatemala City are dangerous, however, the areas are not places most Tourists will find themselves. Compare these areas to Chicago if you understand my point.

Chicago weekend violence leaves 16 shot, 2 fatally, police say.

Is Guatemala Safe For Tourists 2022?

A violent weekend highlights America’s continuing crime wave.

Guatemala Safe For Tourists 2021?

Facts about Why Guatemala is Safe For Tourists 2022.

Guatemala is a popular tourist destination, Antigua, Tikal, Lake Atitlan, Xela, Livingston, and the beaches of Montericco offer tourists a mix of Culture, History, Stunning views, and the most wonderful memories.

I have found the Guatemala people in particular the Mayans kind and loving, considering we as Americans overthrew the country in 1954 for American-owned interests in United Fruit and murdered 250,000 Mayans for their land.

John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State of the Eisenhower Administration and Board member of United Fruit.

I have lived in Antigua, Livingston and Lake Atitlan for many years.

I took a Chicken bus from Guatemala City by San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica landing after 6 week in Panama. Not once did I ever feel threatened.

In fact all along the route I was welcomed and offered help with border crossings and finding the next Chicken bus to continue my travels.

Guatemala Safe For Tourists 2022?

I offer a few Travel Safety Tips for traveling to Guatemala and all of Central America based on my experience.

  1. If you are out late at night, been drinking in Guatemala, like any place in the world you are exposing yourself to harm.
  2. Most Guatemala Tourist destinations have what I call street hustlers, offering Tours, Shuttles, and other forms of Transportation, keep walking with a kind smile and move on.
  3. Choosing Shuttle Services, Hotels, Restaurants, and Tour Companies use common sense, check them out on review websites, see how they reply to your requests, and never pay upfront.

Other Travel Safety Tips for Guatemala


Only bottled water, ask if the hotel has water filters.

Do not brush your teeth with water from local taps or you will most likely experience Montezuma revenge.

Traveler’s diarrhea is an intestinal infection that occurs as a result of eating or drinking contaminated food or water.

Food in Guatemala is safe, I have eaten Street Food, shop at local Markets, meat hanging on hooks, like the 1930’s in New York.

Wash your hands is the most common advise I offer.

Guatemala Food Markets

If You become sick in Guatemala?

You will find excellent medical care in Guatemala, from small villages to larger cities, Doctors are well educated and kind, most of all compared to US medical costs cheap. Most speak English.

If you need medications, local Pharmacies abound and again the prices are cheap for name brands you compared to the US.

I have had a few cases where I needed hospital care and this hospital in Guatemala City was kind and took great care of me.

centro médico