Guatemala's Best Fried Chicken

Guatemala’s Best Fried Chicken can be found not at fast food restaurants, but on the side streets of every Guatemalan village.

  • Pollo Campero: This Guatemalan-born chain is a local favorite, known for its crispy fried chicken, flavorful sides, and friendly service. They have over 400 locations worldwide, including several in Guatemala.
  • We also have Kentucky Fried Chicken mostly in Guatemala City.
Guatemala's Best Fried Chicken

Guatemala’s Best Fried Chicken begins with how the chickens are reared; you’ll notice the golden yellow color since local farmers feed the chickens marigold seeds to hens can have positive effects and requires no antibiotics.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • Increased antioxidant levels: Marigolds are rich in antioxidants, which can help boost chicken immune systems and fight off diseases.
  • Richer egg yolks: The pigment xanthophyll in marigolds naturally deepens egg yolk color, making them more vibrant and appealing.
  • Insect repellant: The strong scent of marigolds can help deter certain insects like mosquitoes and flies, reducing pest problems in the coop.
  • Potential internal parasite control: Some studies suggest marigolds may have mild anthelmintic properties, potentially aiding in internal parasite control.
Guatemala Best Eggs

Guatemalan eggs keep their natural protective layer, which helps to prevent bacterial growth and allows them to be stored at room temperature for 1-3 weeks. They taste fantastic—rich dark yellow yoke, perfect for baking off the charts.

Guatemala's Best Fried Chicken

This is my favorite Guatemala Fried Chicken restaurant in my hometown, San Pedro La Laguna. For $3.00, I get two large chicken pieces and French fries.

Overall Guatemala Fried chicken from where and how it is grown, with no antibiotics—we all know that eating chicken raised on vast commercial farms is terrible for our health.

The eggs in Guatemala do not need to be refrigerated or antibiotic-free.

The flavor is hard for me to describe I find myself thinking fried Chicken a lot.

While your are traveling through Guatemala and you have a hunkering for great fried chicken stop by one of these little shops. You will enjoy it.

Guatemala's Best Fried Chicken