Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes

Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes takes you on a walk through San Juan La Laguna, located in the Highlands of Guatemala, is like taking a step back in time — centuries of tradition and a relaxed lifestyle, framed by beautiful mountains with three looming volcanoes, a stunning lake, and striking green vegetation engulfed in colorful tropical flowers.

Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes

Our Lake Atitlan Guatemalan Weaving Workshop Classes explore the weaving traditions found in San Juan La Laguna located along the shoreline of Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

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Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshops

Guatemalan Weaving Workshop Classes feature the Tz’utujil Maya weavers of San Juan La Laguna who are a group of incredible women known throughout the country for their traditional back strap weaving technique and for making their own pure organic cotton thread, employing natural dyes, and the use of banana leaves as the natural mordant to help set the dye.

These women grow their own cotton, harvest it by hand, spin it using ancient techniques, and then use natural dyes and colorants derived from locally found plants, tree, bark, berries, leaves, roots, wood, and insects.

Some of the plants that they use for dyeing are coconut shell, pericón, pepper, beets, eucalyptus, purple basil, hibiscus flowers, and achiote, among many others.

Everything from the spin of the yarn and the intricate designs and symbols woven into the textiles, to the colors used express a wealth of meaning about the weaver, culture, and traditions.

Mayan Weaving Workshops

Our Guatemalan Weaving Workshop Classes are a unique opportunity to learn from a community of dedicated women as well as for them to share their lifelong love and passion of weaving with you.

This is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience, under the guidance of master Tz’utujil Maya women weavers as you learn how to make and spin the thread, dye it, and then weave the thread using traditional back strap weaving methods.

Our Guatemalan Weaving Workshop Classes can be customized based on the number of days you would like and on your experience. It is for beginners and experienced weavers, textile and fiber artists, knitters, designers, and anyone who wants to learn more about backstrap weaving.

We take care of all the weaving supplies, so come ready to learn and have a great time.

Lake Atitlan Weaving Workshop Classes

Guatemalan Weaving Workshops Details and Costs

DURATION: 7-8 hours

LOCATION: San Pedro La Laguna

PHYSICAL LEVEL: Easy & Relaxed

PRICE: $100.00 (Q750) – 1 person (private workshop)

$84.57 (Q650) – 2 or more people


BOOKING REQUIREMENTS: Reservations should be made 48 hours in advance.

TOUR INCLUDES Traditional tipico lunch, all weaving supplies,  Tz’utujil Maya weaving workshop instruction, transportation, and guide/interpreter.

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