Internet Services Lake Atitlan for travelers and those working remotely can be a challenge to find reliable Internet and WiFi, however, I found a reliable solution.

I use my phone and go to any shop or tienda and pay Q100 for a month’s worth of “data,” as it is called, connect my phone to the USB port on my computer, and I am online and working with great, reliable speed.

Internet Services Lake Atitlan

If you are coming to Guatemala, you will need to have a Guatemala chip added to your phone in order to have a Guatemala phone number, if you have a phone that allows dual chips. The chip costs Q40 and comes with some data.

Whats App works fine, email, and social media without as we all agree to live at the Lake outage of services and or how electricity goes out often.

No contract is required you pay monthly which is cheaper than having a permanent service with a provider. Most charge from Q250 and way upwards per month.

Internet Services Lake Atitlan. The best and actually the largest internet provider is:

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In Latin America, América Móvil operates under the brands: Telmex, Telcel, and Claro, while in Central and Easter Europe under de A1 brand with 279 Million wireless subscribers.

This option works in any part of Guatemala. If you have to travel for work, you are connected all the time. Important for us Digital Nomads who need to also travel for work.

Internet Services Lake Atitlan

Could you run your business using this like a hotel or restaurant, yes? Your guests connect to your computer, which is connected online, and all you need to provide is a password, like connecting to any WiFi service.

The Q100 per month call also be purchased for 15 days at a cost of Q50.  There is a Data use limit with each 5 gig and 10 gigs. If you go over add more data.

In the worse case possible you might have to recharge with more data, depending on your use. I have found and I am online all day, I had to spend another Q100, which is still cheaper than most internet providers charge.

The last point is if you are traveling with a Partner they do not need to go through this process, connect your phone with data by Hotspot connection.