My Saturday Lake Atitlan Experience

Rosie Pearson is one of the exceptional individuals who, in addition to having the ability of writing, is a compassionate person. Over the years, she has provided Ethical Fashion Guatemala with words of encouragement as well as support.

Rosie recently wrote to me about her visit to a small Vermont shop where she stumbled upon an intriguing collection of Lake Atitlan art. Her tale is told here. I was unable to incorporate all of the pictures she gave me. But one of my favorite San Pedro artists to go see is Felician Pop.

My brilliant Saturday Lake Atitlan experience.

After searching for a particular store on the Main Street of Brattleboro Vermont and believing it to have gone out of business I decided to go on to The Gallery in the Woods, where I have always found some incredible works of art whenever I visit this city.

One of my favorite artists had a large display up front. So I commented on how pleased I was to see so much of his work to the woman at the desk. With what she said, I realized that the small space upstairs that his work had always been displayed in before covid had become too small so he had come downstairs.

My brilliant Saturday Lake Atitlan experience

My brilliant Saturday Lake Atitlan experience

Curious to see what else was on display, I walked upstairs and entered a space where the walls were covered with color and energy vibrating into the space. I walked closer to read a placard and look below for what I saw.

I am sending all these pictures and the write-ups about each artist because I am assuming that you know at least some of them. And perhaps, they might want to see what their work actually looks like gathered together in this wonderful gallery in Vermont.
So if you have the time and think it is appropriate, please feel free to forward any or all of them. You cannot imagine the smile on my face when I was surrounded by the soul-awakening work of artists who I don’t know on the one hand but feel joined with on the other. And that is because of the work I have done on behalf of the artists on Lake Atitlan
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