Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textiles

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textiles Weavers make a dress, a shawl, a blouse or scarf follows the natural shapes of the body is determined by the quality of the textiles used. Guatemala organic textiles holds the unquestionable supremacy of the textile market worldwide.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala shawls

Guatemalan Textiles Are Unique

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textiles follows the Ancient Maya tradition of weaving in which the women had two natural types of cotton to work with, one white and the other light brown, called coruscate, both of which were commonly dyed. The preparation of cotton for spinning was very burdensome, as it had to be washed and picked clean of seeds.

Sustainable Textile Production in Guatemala

For most of us, the small villages, perched on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala, wouldn’t be considered a global manufacturing hub.

But a dynamic economic sector thrives there, and in other communities throughout the remote Highland of Guatemala where workshops buzz with painters, potters, carpenters and weavers.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Artisans are applying skills passed down from previous generations of the Mayan culture, these artisans are among those at the heart of a sector now equivalent to the world’s fourth-largest economy.

Fashion designers, wholesalers and consumers through this website can buy direct from the artisans with transparency.

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