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Ethical Fashion GuatemalaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Supporting Artisan Women in Central America

Supporting Artisan Women, Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textile Sourcing Guatemala is the single source for a wide range of handmade products.
Shipping Nightmare Shopify CommunityEthical Fahion Guatemala

Shipping Nightmare Shopify Community

International Shipping Nightmare Shopify Community. This study was conducted across Multiple Shopify user websites. Our focus was to determine why either shipping did not work to Central American Countries and why users had sites configured for US Postal Services, considering no reliable post services existed in Central American Countries, resulting in Shopify users losing sales.
Central America Wholesale Coffee BeansEthical Fashion Guatemala

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans. Chain or Food Service group orders green or roasted beans in any quantity Friday, the order is processed and shipped on Monday, delivered by Thursday that week. EFG can ship from 2-kilo samples to 1000 kilos on a single shipment.
Guatemala Coffee ShopEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemala Roasted Coffee Shop

Support the coffee and cacao entrepreneurs in Guatemala by making purchases from the Ethical Fashion Guatemala website. Ethical Fashion Guatemala's mission is to empower individuals to start and grow their own businesses.
The Guatemalan Civil WarEthical Fashion Guatemala

The Guatemalan Civil War

Facts few travelers to Guatemala know about, how the US funded a war that killed 250.000 Mayans over Bananas.
Lake Atitlan HikingEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Hiking

Lake Atitlan Hiking. Lake Atitlan is a large lake located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, known for its stunning beauty and clear waters. It is surrounded by volcanoes and offers a variety of hiking and trekking opportunities for visitors. One of the most popular hikes around Lake Atitlan is the volcano hike of Volcan San Pedro. The hike is moderate to challenging, with a steep climb to the summit of the volcano, but the views from the top are well worth the effort.
The Truth About Immigrant Caravans From Central AmericaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Immigrant Caravans From Central America

If we feel those in Central America joining Immigrant Caravans are because of Gangs, Crime, Cartels, and the other promoted stories by Politicians and Media you are wrong.