Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala began four years ago protecting the rights of Artisans worldwide.

EFG is not a nonprofit we are a business registered in Guatemala SA, (Corp) and a US LLC, registered in Arizona. Exporting Artisans products has provided Artisans with global access to markets, DHL is our Global partner.

Three years ago coffee growers and roasters came to EFG seeking a way to sell directly to Food Distributors and Small to medium Grocers Chains, and Coffee Roasters. Major coffee brands, Wholesalers, and Brokers offer producers pennies per pound for their premium coffee.

Grocery stores generally sell coffee at a 50% markup. That means, if the retail price of the bag is $16.00, they will want to buy that bag from you for $8.00. The markup percentage will vary slightly from store to store, with some stores offering as low as a 40% markup.

However, despite this dominance, the majority of the coffees sold in supermarkets has historically been lower quality, commodity-grade instant, and robusta-arabica blends, rather than a specialty. The reason is that the production of commodity-grade coffee tends to be focused on speed and cost rather than quality, which are traits that suit the expectations of supermarket shoppers about price and availability.

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

The inventory stock from the roasting and distributing centers must be passed onwards to retailers. Grocery chains shelf space, planogram requirements, redistribution from centers added costs. EFG felt providing on-demand coffee reduced inventories. multiple step handling and capital.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala On-Demand coffee benefits.

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

  1. Chain or Food Service Group orders green or roasted beans in any quantity Friday, the order is processed and shipped on Monday, delivered by Thursday that week. EFG can ship from 2-kilo samples to 1000 kilos on a single shipment.
  2. Chain or a Food Service customers, coffee is shipped directly to the end customer or store, eliminating warehousing FDA inspections and re-distribution cost and time.
  3. EFG provides the FDA Prior Notice for Roasted Coffee and Sanitary Certification for Green Coffee Beans.
  4.  Roaster Coffee is shipped in bulk for clients with bulk coffee dispensers, self serve clients.
  5. Under the trade agreements between Central American countries and the US, no duty applies for a shipment value under $800.
  6. Customs brokers are not required on EFG shipments to the US, a process managed by DHL.
  7. EFG growers produce over 5 million pounds of coffee annually. Providing a consistent supply year around to our clients.
  8. EFG provides custom packaging in twelve-ounce and one-pound packages, branding based on client requirements. The packaging used for freshly roasted beans requires a vent on the packaging.

About our Coffee the difference your customer will taste.

Guatemala Premium Shade Grown Arabica Coffee

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Arabica Coffee varieties:

Coffee Details:
Our washed Caturra is a great example of what Guatemalan coffee should be.

This coffee finished 7th in the 2018 Regional Competition cupping at 83.00 points and 8th in 2019 with a cupping score of 84.50.

It has a nice juicy body with some grapefruit and caramel flavor. This is one of those coffees where you can easily drink more than just one cup in a sitting.

Harvest 2018-2019 Elevation: 1,400 – 1,600 MASL

Process: Full Washed, Patio Dried


Coffee Details:
Our washed Maragogype is an exotic variety of coffee that has a huge bean! Almost two to three times the size of a caturra!

This coffee finished 6th place in the 2019 Regional Competition cupping at 85.00 points.

Harvest 2018-2019 Elevation: 1,100 – 1,200 MASLProcess:

Fully Washed, Patio Dried


Coffee Details:

Our washed Geisha is a VERY floral coffee with a citric finish – you’ll feel like you’re putting the coffee flowers in your mouth combined with a little bit of orange peel. It has a tea-like body which makes it very easygoing.

Harvest 2018-2019

Elevation: 1,200 – 1,300 MASL

Process: Fully Washed, Patio Dried


Shade-grown coffee is a form of beverage produced from coffee plants grown under a canopy of trees.

A canopy of assorted types is shade trees planted to cultivate shade-grown coffee. Because it incorporates principles of natural ecology to promote natural ecological relationships, shade-grown coffee is considered an offshoot of agricultural permaculture or agroforestry.

The resulting coffee sold as “shade-grown”.

Coffee (especially Coffea arabica) is a small tree or shrub that grows in the forest understory in its wild form and is traditionally grown commercially under other trees that provided shade. Since the mid-1970s.

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Central America Wholesale Coffee Beans

Our Roasted Coffee Beans in Bulk, bagged in 12 Ounce White Label per Brand is $7.95 per Package sold in units of 5 Kilo, 10Kilo, and 15Kilo units. This price included shipping to any location in the US or Canada.

Our Roasted Bulk Coffee is Ideal for bulk dispensing by customers reduces Shelf Space and SKU in Planagrams to the most profitable, In 5, 10, and 15 Kilo shipments.

All Coffee is freshly roasted never from old inventory. Fro Green Beans Prices for Roasters please contact us for pricing.

For more information please contact us at ethicalfahionguatemala@gmail.com or 502 4467 9981


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