the butcher of san pedro

The Market of San Pedro

Victor is the butcher from San Pedro. Near the church is San Pedro’s bustling daily market, where visitors and residents alike may find an extensive assortment of fresh meat and veggies every day. Mostly available on San Pedro’s streets.

The thought of fresh meat dangling on a hook could be horrifying to certain travelers.

The manner meat was exhibited for sale was the same in every New York market in the early 1920s. From this cut, customers would point-cut me a steak.

If Victor’s photo doesn’t convey that idea, he is all personality. Speaking English with ease, he worked as a professional builder in New York frequently during his earlier years.

The Market of San Pedro

The Market of San Pedro

San Pedro La Laguna: in honor of his patron saint Pedro Apostle; La Laguna: because of its geographical location) is a municipality in the department of Sololá of the south-west region of the Republic of Guatemala.​

Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan San Pedro is a popular tourist destination.

Fresh produce, largely from nearby farms, abounds in the daily market, along with an abundance of avocados.

The market is open daily, however most merchants close by noon, so try to arrive before then.

Prices: Yes, you can haggle over costs, but most visitors to the market are taken aback by how reasonably priced.

Local Markets can be found daily in the settlements around Lake Atitlan and throughout rural Guatemala. Yes, we have a few franchise-style food chains in Guatemala, and their prices will reflect American prices.