Direct From Guatemala Artisans

This Website is owned by the Weavers and Artisans of Guatemala.

Guatemala Courts recently had a group of Mayan weavers from Co-Operatives across Guatemala asked the Courts of Guatemala to protect their designs and lost.

This is an important event for the future of Guatemala Artisans and the Mayan Culture because you will find on the Internet in Websites in the US selling Handmade Guatemalan Artisan products they are Fakes or Knock Offs.

Yet portrait as Handmade in Guatemala often showing Indigenous woman used in the Marketing Materials to sell these products.

Arizona Sustainability Series | Sustainable Fashion handcrafted Fashion by … To all our friends’ thank you for direct income to Artisans all over the world! … People Do Not Buy Goods and Services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”Seth Godin.” Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textile Co-Operatives follow the Ancient Maya …

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