Guatemala Fashion Designers

Guatemala Fashion Designers Bring an Explosion of Color

Guatemala Fashion Designers Bring an Explosion of Color no matter the Fashion Brand or from individual Guatemalan Fashion Designers. Ethical Fashion Guatemala has many needs of the Artisans, Weavers, and Fashion Designers of Guatemala to meet and to further develop services for.

Guatemala Fashion Designers Bring an Explosion of Color

Local Fashion Designers based in Guatemala have struggled on the world stage to gain attention for their Designs using the Local Colors of the Mayan and Indigenous Cultures as part of the Designs.  Ethical Fashion Guatemala has focused on Media Exposure for Guatemala Fashion Designers using Social Media and other Media Sources to offer free support for the Designers.

Karim Corzo

Guatemala Fashion Designer Custom Shoes

Guatemala Fashion Designers

Guatemala Fashion Designers

Karim Corzo, a shoe designer using Guatemalan textiles, poses for a photo at a workspace in her factory in Guatemala City. Embroidered Mayan textiles known as huipiles are undergoing a revival in some of the country’s finest boutiques as they become an haute couture fixture. Corzo saw an economic benefit to the fashion trend. “They allow us to give work to the women who weave them and sell them,” Corzo said. (AP Photo/Luis Soto)

Karim Corzo was born with the idea of renewing and giving a new perspective of fashion with a cultural touch, it is the synergy between the contemporary and the cultural, they are handmade shoes made of huipiles from various regions of Guatemala, handwoven by indigenous Guatemalan women; Which, besides being the maximum representation of the textile art made in the country, are the means of subsistence for each one of the families to which they belong.

Each design is avant-garde and versatile, unique in its class, offering collections of limited editions that are characterized by its elegance and comfort; Showing the world in a fashion, a small part of Guatemalan culture.

There are currently three collections per year, including ballerinas, boots, wedges, peep toes, pumps, pointy flats, etc., offering versatility in terms of styles and heights, fusing skins and textiles to exalt the female figure with excellent products quality.

Karim Corzo is a Fashion designer to watch and be sure to visit her retail location in Guatemala City At.

2a. Calle 16-20A, Zona 15 Colonia El Maestro

5972 9842

 Guatemala Fashion Bring an Explosion of Color

Raúl Briceño

Guatemala Fashion

Guatemala Fashion Designers

Guatemala Fashion Designers

“Guatemala is a spectacular explosion of color and culture,” says international fashion designer Raúl Briceño. “Since moving here four years ago, this beautiful country and its amazing people have inspired Guatemala Fashion Designers – Brands Bring an Explosion of Color me to pay homage to the rich cultural history by fusing its many unique, traditional Mayan fabrics with modern fashion designs.

Exclusive lines And silhouettes made to measure, for elegant and exclusive creative people with attitude and above all who enjoy every moment of their lives, think that life is too short to dress badly …. the Raul report shows diverse looks in one Personality, exclusive garments that show security and comfortable elegance where beauty always has reason too style without much effort.

Raúl has met many challenges coming from Columbia to Guatemala and he has made a statement for others in the Guatemalan Fashion Culture to Follow:


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