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Huipiles, Skirts Cortes, Belts Fajas

Guatemala Fashion Tipico, Huipiles, Skirts Cortes, Belts Fajas, The huipil is a traditional, square-cut blouse that is hand-woven and heavily decorated with embroidered designs. What you are looking for is what is called the faja (belts) not the huipil as described above. The belts are used to hold the Skirts or cortes are normally 6 to 9 feet in length. We currently ship straps, camera straps, backpack straps and others today. The price ranges from $10 US to $35 US that is the price in Guatemala not including shipping. You can have a cheaper product if the faja is machine made which is what most others you might be talking with are quoting you.

Guatemala Fashion News Weavers Oppose Corporate Theft Mayan Textiles

Guatemala Weavers Oppose Corporate Theft of Mayan Textiles is a case that neither the Guatemalan Courts or even Inguat the Tourism ministry of Guatemala supported. Inguat in a statement by the Guatemalan tourism ministry, INGUAT, are objectifying the real significance of the weavings value.

Tourism in Guatemala has grown into a huge source of revenue for Inguat based on Taxes they collect from Tourism. Why do Tourists come to Guatemala? One of the many reasons is the Guatemala Weavers products are a large part of Tourism in Guatemala. Inguat does not derive Taxes from the weavers thus the lack of interest or support of the Weavers by Inguat.

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs. Guatemala offers amazing opportunities for Shopping Artisan Fashions Guatemala. For those traveling to Guatemala for the first time Ethical Fashion Guatemala would like to offers travelers some guidance on having the best shopping experiences while on Vacation in Guatemala.

If you are a Fashion Designer, Interior Design, ETSY Store Owner, Store Front Retailer, or Fashion Wholesaler Guatemalan Artisans offer perhaps the largest selection of Handmade products which includes Purses, bags, shawls, scarves, huipiles, serapes, tablecloths, place mats, napkins, cushions, bedspreads, hammocks, Leather Products, Ceramics, Jade, Silver Jewelry and Mayan Pottery. The trick is to find original Artisans shops.

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping

Antigua Guatemala Fashion Shopping . For some women, shopping is a food group. Take heart, the lusty consumer can pretty well knock herself out here in Fashion Shopping Antigua Guatemala for local Guatemalan Artisans products.

However, once you get over the dazzle of all the traditional weaving, jade jewelry, carvings, baskets, etc. that seem to be on offer at every corner, you might still have some energy and Quetzales left for more conventional clothing purchases.

Though most of the well turned out ladies in Antigua Guatemala do their shopping in nearby Guatemala City, there are still a few good boutiques in town to satisfy the gringa visitor who just didn’t pack the right things, which would be all of us.  Or for the woman who just likes to buy clothes wherever she goes, which would be all of us.

Guatemalan Fashion Mayan Weavers Fighting Protection

Guatemalan Mayan Weavers Fighting Protection is made up of “The Feminine Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez”, is a group of women textile producers from the Sacatepéquez department. Currently, the laws of Guatemala do not protect the intellectual property rights of the designs of Indigenous clothing.

The Guatemalan Mayan Weavers Fighting Protection in Guatemala are looking for a reform of the Copyright and Related Rights Law, the Industrial Property Law, the Craft Protection and Development Law and the Penal Code. If approved, indigenous peoples will record their collective creations according to their forms of organization and will be governed by their own institutions, norms, principles and customs.

This has left traditional Guatemalan Mayan Weavers Fighting Protection open to theft by transnational companies looking to exploit and appropriate Mayan identity. When published in various materials in the Guatemalan tourism ministry, INGUAT, they are objectifying the real significance of our weavings.

At the time of this writing the 25 groups of women weavers who formed the Mayan Weavers Movement in Guatemala, with the goal of raising national awareness that all textiles creations are works of art and deserve to be protected as such, failed to find protection in the Courts of Guatemala.

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