Ethical Fashion is a slow, sustainable, and fair trade fashion are all reactions against the fast fashion industry. … It focuses on both the social and environmental impact of fashion, seeking to improve the working conditions of laborers, along with the environmental impact of the clothing production process

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Handmade Products Guatemala

Handmade Products Guatemala

This Website is owned by the Weavers and Artisans of Guatemala. Artisans Handmade Products Guatemala. Buy direct from Guatemala Artisans
Guatemala Coffee Growers

Guatemala Coffee Sourcing Trip

Guatemala Coffee Growers are selling directly to end-users on a global scale. The economic imbalance of monopolies controlling prices to Guatemala Coffee Growers.
Lake Atitlan Guatemala Boat ScheduleEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Boat Schedule

The Lake Atitlan Guatemala Boat Schedule is one of the most often asked questions by travelers to Guatemala and Lake Atitlan. A topic we have posted about often, still confusion remains for Travelers to understand how Boat Schedule operates around Lake Atitlan.
Working With Guatemala ArtisansEthical Fashion Guatemala

Working With Guatemala Artisans

Working With Guatemala Artisans. Ethical Fashion Guatemala Artisans receive hundreds of requests to have products produced.
Ethical Fashion GuatemalaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Products

Guatemala Fashion is Ethical Fashion Guatemala home features Maya textiles characterized by bright, vivid colors and patterns. Supporting Women.
Tzununa Lake AtitlanEthical Fashion Guatemala

Tzununa Lake Atitlan

Tzununa Lake Atitlan is another small village located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, just a short distance from Jaibalito. It is known for its stunning views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes, as well as its laid-back and peaceful atmosphere.
Corp Theft Guatemalan Mayan Textiles Designs RampantEthical Fashion Guatemala

Corp Theft Mayan Textiles Designs Rampant

How will Ethical Fashion Guatemala stop the Corp Theft of Guatemalan Mayan Textiles Designs when the Weavers themselves have failed to gain support of their needs in Guatemala?
San Antonio Aguas Calientes Weaving Cooperative

Guatemalan Mayan Weavers Fighting Protection

Mayan Weavers Movement in Guatemala is made up of “The Feminine Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez”, is a group of women textile producers from the Sacatepéquez department. Currently, the laws of Guatemala do not protect the intellectual property rights of the designs of Indigenous clothing.
Guatemala Copyright ProtectionEthical Fashion Guatemala

Ethically Sourced Products

What are Ethically Sourced Products, and why do firms do it? Ethical resourcing refers to practices that include promoting diversity by intentionally buying form small firms, ethnic minority businesses, and women-owned enterprises. Ethical Fashion Guatemala is a Brand offering Guatemala Textile Sourcing.
Exporting Cacao to the European UnionEthical Fashion Guatemala

Exporting Cacao to the European Union

Exporting Cacao Shipment sizes of 10 and 15 kilos of Cacao cannot be sent as gifts, this is not a realistic amount to be considered as gifts by any EU customs authority.
Guatemalan Artisans Are Going After 64,000+ Etsy Products for Copyright InfringementEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemalan Artisans Are Going After 64,000+ Etsy Products for Copyright Infringement

Guatemalan Artisans Are Going After 64,000+ Etsy Products for Copyright Infringement. is a website owned by Female Mayan Artisans, This is an important fact for the future for Guatemalan Artisans and the Mayan Culture.
Sustainable and Ethical Fashion?Ethical Fashion Guatemala

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion?

Ethical Fashion Guatemala brands often prioritize transparency and traceability in their supply chains, ensuring that workers are treated ethically throughout the entire production process.
Guatemala Empower Female Mayan ArtisansEthicl Fashion Guatemala

Guatemala Empower Female Mayan Artisans

Empower Female Mayan Artisans is owned by Female Mayan Artisans, This is an important fact for the future for Guatemalan Artisans
Ethical Fashion BrandsEthical Fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Brands

Ethical Fashion Brands Visit | Guatemala Ethical Travel offered by Ethical Fashion Guatemala include sourcing trips to the heart of Guatemala Artisans in Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and other regions of Guatemala.
Guatemala Fashion Designers

Guatemala Fashion Designers Bring an Explosion of Color

Guatemala Fashion Designers Bring an Explosion of Color no matter the Fashion Brand or from individual Guatemalan Fashion Designers. Ethical Fashion Guatemala has many needs of the Artisans, Weavers and Fashion Designers of Guatemala to meet and to further develop services for.