Ethical sourced is the process of ensuring the products being sourced are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly and that environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process.

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Guatemala Coffee Growers

Guatemala Coffee Sourcing Trip

Guatemala Coffee Growers are selling directly to end-users on a global scale. The economic imbalance of monopolies controlling prices to Guatemala Coffee Growers.
Arizona Buy Direct From Guatemala Artisans

Direct From Guatemala Artisans

Direct From Guatemala Artisans. Ethical Fashion Guatemala suggests consumers Purchase directly from the Guatemalan Artisans which creates jobs, increases incomes, and promotes cultural heritage.
Ethical Fashion Brand

Guatemala Tipico Ethical Fashion Brand | Our Story

Guatemala Tipico Ethical Fashion Brand | Our Story. Ethical Fashion Guatemala recently had an Article Published in the online Fashion publication Fashionista. One of the focuses of this article was Tipico Ethical Fashion Brands in Guatemala.
Ethically Sourced

I wonder who made my Ethical Clothing?

Before Ethical Fashion became the marketing term to use for selling handmade products. Few on-line websites selling handmade products ever use this term. Handmade, Organic and Sustainable were the marketing terms of choice to influence consumers in these Niche products.
Huipiles, Skirts Cortes, Belts FajasEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemala Fashion Tipico | Huipiles | Skirts | Cortes Belts | Fajas

Guatemala Fashion Tipico, Huipiles, Skirts Cortes, Belts Fajas,…
San Antonio Aguas Calientes Weaving Cooperative

Guatemalan Mayan Weavers Fighting Protection

Mayan Weavers Movement in Guatemala is made up of “The Feminine Association for the Development of Sacatepéquez”, is a group of women textile producers from the Sacatepéquez department. Currently, the laws of Guatemala do not protect the intellectual property rights of the designs of Indigenous clothing.
Guatemala Mayan Textiles HistoryEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemala Mayan Textiles History

Guatemala Mayan Textiles History, Ethical Fashion Guatemala, preserving the Mayan Textiles a challenge. Tourism has created a change for the country, however in villages around Lake Atitlan popular for tourists fakes abound.
Ethical Fashion Guatemala Transparency Policy

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Transparency

Guatemala Transparency for product production follows strict guidelines protecting the Artisans. Transparency & Ethical Fashion Guatemala.
Guatemala Handmade Cotton YarnsEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Handmade Cotton Yarns

Guatemala Handmade Cotton Yarns are unique in every way. Cotton is locally grown, white and brown cotton is used. The dies are all-natural,
Love a Lady in REDEthical Fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Brand Guatemala Textiles

Ethical Fashion Brand and Guatemala Textiles Guatemala Top Fashion Brands been in the past Fancy Websites Owned by outsiders to Guatemala, they have profited from the lack of access to Technology for the Artisans of Guatemala who have suffered financially from lack of Internet access and skills to use.
HomeEthical Fashion Guatemala

Wholesale Retail Shipping Prices

Wholesale Retail Shipping Prices. If you are looking for a piece of Fashion Art, Handmade, One of a Kind, by Mayan Artisans you have come to a site offering authentic products direct from the Artisan Partners Ethical Fashion Guatemala supports and provides services for.
Ethical Fashion | Rarest Yarns Produced in Guatemala

Rarest Yarns Produced in Guatemala

Rarest Yarns Produced in Guatemala, Guatemala is not yet known as the world's producer of the most expensive and exotic Cotton Fibers.
Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion DesignsEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs. Handmade products which include Purses, bags, shawls, scarves, huipiles, serapes, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, cushions, bedspreads, hammocks, Leather Products, Ceramics, Jade, Silver Jewelry
Guatemalan Handmade Threads, Yarns, Skeins, Crochet, Knitting

Guatemalan Textiles Treasured By Fashion Designers

What Makes Guatemalan Textiles Treasured Around the World? Banana's Why would you ever want to dye cotton using Banana's? Guatemalan Textiles. Guatemalan Textiles,Guatemalan, Textiles, Guatemalan Textiles Backstrap Loom, Guatemalan Textiles Yarns,Guatemalan Textiles Dying Process,Banana's,ethical fashion guatemala, guatemala fashion,yarns, weaving, dying process,cotton,
Guatemalan Clothing Designs Huipil TipicoEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemalan Clothing Designs Huipil Tipico

Huipil Tipico Clothing Designs Guatemala. The huipil is a traditional garment worn by Indigenous women from Guatemala. The term Tipico represents a typical clothing design.