Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs. Guatemala offers amazing opportunities for Shopping Artisan Fashions Guatemala. For those traveling to Guatemala for the first time, Ethical Fashion Guatemala would like to offers travelers some guidance on having the best shopping experiences while on Vacation in Guatemala.

If you are a Fashion Designer, Interior Design, ETSY Store Owner, StoreFront Retailer, or Fashion Wholesaler Guatemalan Artisans offer perhaps the largest selection of Handmade products which includes Purses, bags, shawls, scarves, huipiles, serapes, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, cushions, bedspreads, hammocks, Leather Products, Ceramics, Jade, Silver Jewelry and Mayan Pottery. The trick is to find original Artisans’ shops.

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs

Ask before you buy, where did this product come from, who made this?

Tourism has placed a great demand on original Artisan designed products throughout all of Guatemala. The result is one might purchase a stunning piece of clothing or, a shawl only to find it is not handmade. Sadly the demand for tourism has surpassed the production capabilities of the Artisans. For most to be able to tell the difference is a challenge. Here are some suggestions that will ensure you are buying an original handmade Artisan produced product.

Antigua Guatemala has many Fashion Shops to the traveling to choose from. Fancy Boutiques and storefronts that offer amazing Guatemalan products. Of all these shops the one that I suggest is called Nim Pot Nim Pot offers handmade textiles and handcrafts from Local Woman Co-Ops and other local sources around Guatemala. The way this huge store is set up is each Village or Co-Op has a section of the products produced. This assures you are buying from the village of Co-Op.

The next stop I would suggest on your search for Textiles is Museo Casa del Tejido. This Museum is dedicated to the Guatemalan Weavers and Textile producers from all over Guatemala. At the Museum you can have a tour and yes purchase products from the many Artisans the Museum represents.

A few of the opinions on-line include.I really enjoyed my visit to the museum. A Guatemalan woman showed us around, she was VERY nice and explained everything very well and funny. I think it’s very interesting to hear about their culture and the meanings behind their clothes. You can buy almost everything – clothing, bags, purses, jewelry – and everything is beautiful! It’s worth the visit!

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs

Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs, Lake Atitlan Guatemala is in my opinion the central hug of Artisan Produced Guatemalan Textiles and Leather products which includes, leather bags, woven bags, weekender bag, huipil bags and shoulder bags.

In the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan, you will find weavers working openly working and weaving from small shops and homes in each village. San Juan La Laguna has become the central Village on Lake Atitlan known for Weaver, Artists and Leather crafts. Lema Weavers was the first woman’s co-operative founded In San Juan Lake Atitlan. Today you will find numerous Co-Ops and Artists throughout all of San Juan.

Follow our guide for Guatemala Shopping Artisan Fashion Designs these suggestions and you will find that Original Handmade Guatemalan Artisan products. Ethical Fashion Guatemala offers buyer of textiles and finished good the opportunity to meet Artisans throughout Guatemala as part of Tours and Workshops offered


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