Guatemalan Handmade Bags. This Website is owned by Guatemalan Artisans

We guarantee through this website Ethical Fashion Guatemala you are dealing directly with the Guatemalan Artisan who produced the unique products you have purchased. Or are considering Purchasing.

Many other websites make such claims. Authentic Handmade Guatemala products are hard to buy and finding handmade products in Guatemala that are not produced on Machines is even harder. Guatemalan Handmade Bags | Backpacks | Purses | Totes | Luggage are Ethically Sourced.

We are the only website for Guatemalan Artisans that provides a direct means of our customers knowing our Talented Artisans of Guatemala products are Authentic.

We call it documented Transparency. We do not seek donations to help support our Artisans. Or make claims of Fair Trade.

Our Artisans receive 80% of the retail selling price of the products sold.

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