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Guatemala Mayan Herbal Medicine

Guatemala Mayan Herbal Medicine has a long history and is deeply rooted in the traditional healing practices of the indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala. The Mayans have a rich understanding of the medicinal properties of various plants and have been using them for centuries to treat various ailments and promote overall well-being.
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Supporting Artisan Women in Central America

Supporting Artisan Women, Ethical Fashion Guatemala Textile Sourcing Guatemala is the single source for a wide range of handmade products.
Handmade Products Guatemala

Handmade Products Guatemala

This Website is owned by the Weavers and Artisans of Guatemala. Artisans Handmade Products Guatemala. Buy direct from Guatemala Artisans
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A Guide To Guatemalan Coffee

A Guide To Guatemalan Coffee. Many specialty coffee lovers consider Guatemalan coffee as one of the best coffee beans in the world. Coffee from Guatemala is full-bodied with pleasant acidity like other coffee beans from Central America.
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Guatemala Herbal Medicine Education

Guatemala Herbal Medicine Education Ethical Fashion Guatemala offers herbal medicine education, workshops, products, and herbal courses.
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Guatemala’s Traditional Herbal Medicine

Guatemala's traditional herbal medicine draws from the knowledge and practices of indigenous Mayan communities. Herbal medicine is deeply rooted in Mayan culture and continues to be an important part of healthcare in many rural areas of Guatemala.
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The Market of San Pedro

The Market of San Pedro. Local Market days can be found daily in the settlements around Lake Atitlan and throughout rural Guatemala.
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Ethical Fashion Product Catalog

Learn more about products Guatemala Ethical Fashion Shop, Click an image below to learn more about a product. Ethical Fashion Guatemala Shop
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Working With Guatemala Artisans

Working With Guatemala Artisans. Ethical Fashion Guatemala Artisans receive hundreds of requests to have products produced.
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Guatemala Wellness Ancestral Healing

The five-day Guatemala Wellness Camp comprises of one on one private time over five days that address the following topics: Ancestral Healing refers to practices or techniques aimed at healing ancestral trauma or negative patterns passed down through generations in families or communities. A discussion about your feelings. Shouldn’t come to a heated argument.
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Guatemala Herbal Medicine Shamans

Guatemala Herbal Medicine Shamans are commonly used for the local villagers to go to shamans or a healer. Guatemala Shamans offer classes
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Ethical Fashion Guatemala Travel

Ethical Fashion Travel provides Guatemala Workshops, Plantation Tours, Village Tours, Buying Tours for Guatemala Coffee, and Textiles. Ethical Fashion Travel for buyers.