San Pedro La Laguna (Spanish pronunciation: [sam ˈpeðɾo la laˈɣuna]) is a Guatemalan town on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlán. For centuries, San Pedro La Laguna has been inhabited by the Tz’utujil people, and in recent years it has also become a tourist destination for its Spanish language schools, nightlife, and proximity to the lake and volcanoes.

Local crops include corn, beans, coffee, and avocado. Some women make belts, shawls, and skirts with a back strap loom. San Pedro graduates large numbers of teachers who work the Atitlán area. Activities for tourists include hikes to the top of the San Pedro volcano or the Mayan Face, studying Spanish, partying in the restaurant sector down by the lakeshore, volunteering, and learning local crafts.

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Semana Santa | Holy WeekEthical Fashion Guatemala

Semana Santa | Holy Week

Semana Santa | Holy Week changes dates every year, as it is based on the lunar calendar. In 2024, Easter falls on Sunday, March 31.
Mandala’s Hostal Lake AtitlanMandala’s Hostal Lake Atitlan

Mandala’s Hostal Lake Atitlan

Mandala's Hostal Lake Atitlan provides one-of-a-kind possibilities that are rarely available in San Pedro La Laguna lakeside hostels. Mandala's Hostal, in my opinion, is a different hostel than most. Here are some details regarding this hostel.
Atitlan Boat Services 2024Ethical Fashion Guatemala

Atitlan Boat Services 2024

Atitlan Boat Services 2024: Travelers usually inquire about boat schedules, pricing, and times on Lake Atitlan. Some even inquire about ferries because, for some reason, dock locations are listed on Google Maps. What time do the boats depart Lake Atitlan?
Guatemala's Best Fried ChickenEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemala’s Best Fried Chicken

Guatemala's Best Fried Chicken can be found not at fast food restaurants, but on the side streets of every Guatemalan village.
Lake Atitlan Villages MapEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Villages Map

Lake Atitlan Villages Map. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by several villages, each with its own unique culture and charm. Here are some of the most popular villages to visit:
Lake Atitlan Plastic Trash

Lake Atitlan Plastic Trash into Cash

Lake Atitlan Plastic Trash into Cash. Plastic Trash is present around the shorelines, roads, and villages of Lake Atitlan causing a pending environmental disaster. For years studies have been conducted by Orgs, Groups and NGO’s about this problem, the Lake is dying Plastic Trash is one, sewage, and the impact of Tourism has created an impending doom for this Lake and the tourism industry that fuels the economy.
Lake Atitlan Happy HourEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Happy Hour

Lake Atitlan Happy Hour. Our Happy Hour Tour aims to get you into some of the neighborhood cantinas and off the well-traveled tourist path.
Mayan Medicine Healing CoursesEthical Fashion Guatemala

Mayan Medicine Healing Courses

Mayan Medicine Healing Courses Guatemala 2021. A Five Day Course Covering The Six Principles of Mayan Healing Alternatives
San Pedro's Aussie BurgersEthical Fashion Guatemala

San Pedro’s Aussie Burgers

Most Aussies are fun-loving creatures, and Jay is no different, perhaps slightly more extreme. However, his passion for creating San Pedro's Best Aussie Burger hit home for me. Perhaps the cover photo of Jay might explain his love for Burgers. Look out McDonald's a new player in Guatemala.
Lake Atitlan Beach HouseEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Beach House

Lake Atitlan Beach House, located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the village of San Pedro La Laguna the beach house is offered long-term.
Authentic Mayan Cacao CeremonyEthical Fashion Guatemala

Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Guatemala Modern Adaptations of Authentic Mayan Cacao Ceremony is a sacred and spiritual ritual that honors the ancient traditions and connection to the Mayan culture. Cacao
Lake Atitlan HikingEthical Fashion Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Hiking

Lake Atitlan Hiking. Lake Atitlan is a large lake located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, known for its stunning beauty and clear waters. It is surrounded by volcanoes and offers a variety of hiking and trekking opportunities for visitors. One of the most popular hikes around Lake Atitlan is the volcano hike of Volcan San Pedro. The hike is moderate to challenging, with a steep climb to the summit of the volcano, but the views from the top are well worth the effort.
Guatemala Vintage HuipilEthical Fashion Guatemala

Guatemalan Huipiles

Ethical Fashion Guatemala offers rare authenticated Huipils, providing documentation on the family and the village the Huipils came from.
Bio Degradable Plastic Bags Lake Atitlan

Bio Degradable Plastic Bags Lake Atitlan

Bio Degradable Plastic Bags Lake Atitlan. San Pedro La Laguna Lake Atitlan passed a new law 111-2016 which came into effective in January 2018. San Pedro prohibits plastic bags and straws, Styrofoam containers and all packaging materials made of polystyrene being used or sold in the Village.