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Authentic Mayan Cacao CeremonyEthical Fashion Guatemala

Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Guatemala Modern Adaptations of Authentic Mayan Cacao Ceremony is a sacred and spiritual ritual that honors the ancient traditions and connection to the Mayan culture. Cacao
Internet Services Lake AtitlanEthical Fashion Guatemala

Internet Services Lake Atitlan

Internet Services Lake Atitlan for travelers, those working remotely can be a challenge to find reliable Internet and WiFi, I offer my way.
Tourism in GuatemalaEthical Fashion Guatemala

Too Late for Tourism in Guatemala?

Tourism in Guatemala? Guatemala Borders closed in March 2020 in order to manage and protect the general population from COVID-19 pandemic. Many have debated how COVOD-19 preparedness and management has protected the citizens of Guatemala and the Governments actions. This post is not about either.
Guatemala Borders open

When Guatemala Borders open, there will be no Tourists

When Guatemala Borders open, then what, there will be no Tourists coming. The realities we all need to face, the COVID-19 Virus impact has shut down Tourism to Guatemala for months. Each week with great anticipation, we wait for the Guatemala President messages about opening the country for business. Opening the country for business is about local business not opening Borders and Tourism.
Travel Visas

For a Guatemalan to obtain a Travel Visa to the USA, Impossible!

Each year the stories of how Guatemalans seeking Travel Visas and in most cases Mayan Woman are treated by the United States Embassy in Guatemala City, the process should be questioned? Or lack of.